Is it time ….to transform your problem and enjoy your life? 
Change you're in charge of is empowerment... why not empower yourself & join the 100s of clients who have worked                         with us and experienced their own transformation?                                                                                                             As seen on BBC Alba 


Erskine Hypnotherapy : Solution focused therapy since 2008.

We offer a personalised, natural treatment for a range of concerns or problems.

Hypnotherapy is a type of talking therapy in which a state of relaxation is used to achieve a change that the client wants for themselves.

Have you ever wished for a difference in your life? - Perhaps starting a new healthy habit, or dropping an old one that's causing a problem- like smoking or gambling?  Have you ever longed for less anxiety or stress? Do you feel that a confidence boost or letting go of a phobia would make such a difference to your life?  Are you worried about a test, exam, speech or presentation?  

Imagine being free of the issue .... imagine how you might feel having left the problem behind .... after a course of hypnotherapy.  Having treated hundreds of clients over the last decade, you could experience the same positive changes.

Here are some REAL examples from previous clients.... 

  • Being tobacco and e-cigarette free for 7 years - and counting after 20, 30 or 40 years of smoking
  • Passing a driving test having failed five and sometimes more times before
  • Slimmer - losing 4 stone (or more) in weight
  • Playing that match to the very best of your ability - and winning
  • Being finally able to fly and enjoying going on holidays with family to Europe, the USA, even New Zealand 
  • Relief from stress related IBS 
  • Taking part and completing a first marathon
  • Experiencing a calmer and more comfortable labour / childbirth experience
  • Making that presentation for work - professionally and calmly ...... 
  • and many other problems .....

The use of hypnosis tends to naturally reduce stress and anxiety and helps change to be more easily achieved.  

If this type of change would help you please contact us now ... 

it only takes a few moments to call or message .... and life could be different, your life can be better.....

GDPR and Your Data.  On the 25th May 2018, as many of you will know, new Data Protection Regulations take effect in the area of the EU.  

Consequently we have a new Privacy Policy including a statement about the use of cookies on our website, which can be accessed here and should be read by everyone who is considering hypnotherapy or wants to know about how this might affect them.  We would advise you  to read and check the details.