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Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday between 09:30 am and 7:30 pm and  some Saturdays from 10:30 am to 1pm, with some occasional later Saturday times. 


or PHONE 0141 561 0660 or 07779 585863

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You can request a specific date and time - in fact if you can let us know which dates or times suit you best it makes it easier to arrange a time that really suits you.

Please note: appointments are subject to availability.

We are happy to discuss your appointment if you wish to contact us by phone - 0141 561 0660,

Appointments normally last between about 75 minutes.  However times for Stop Smoking Therapy and Gastric Banding Treatment may be longer- please see details below or call. 

Your first appointment will be a little longer as it includes the free initial consultation, as below, unless this has been done by phone or internet.  

Normally there are one or two appointments available within 7-10 days, if you feel treatment is urgent please explain why, and we will accommodate this when we can, however in cases of urgently required treatment it may be more appropriate for you to contact your doctor.

Free initial consultation

I believe that therapy works best if you are comfortable with the therapist and the type of therapy, so I offer an initial free, no obligation consultation which lasts 20-30 minutes, this is normally offered as part of the first appointment and allows each of us to discuss your problem and gives you a chance to meet me and decide if you wish to continue with hypnotherapy - if not just say so and after this you are free to go - no questions asked!  Although this is not a treatment appointment it gives me a chance to assess whether hypnotherapy is likely to benefit you - if not- I can make other suggestions about more suitable treatments.  At the end of this if we agree on a course of treatment the next hour forms your first appointment, or it can be taken later if you wish- this consultation can also be done by phone in which case we will then arrange your first appointment if you wish to go ahead.

NB The number of people attending will normally be 1.  However if treatment is for a couple e.g. for birthing hypnotherapy or if you are the parent/guardian of a child or young person I would expect 2 people to attend. 


If you are looking for a group appointment this should be by prior arrangement only e.g. group stress management or weight loss, in which case please finalise number in the group, note space for groups is limited and I cannot accept additional people unless this has been agreed.   

Your appointment is not finalised until you have a confirmation email from us.  Appointment times will normally be confirmed within the same working day, (i.e. except Saturday afternoons, public holidays, some school holidays and Sundays).


Stopping Smoking :£125 for 1 session which lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.  The majority of clients will stop with 1 session.  If this has not been effective and you let me know within 1 week after your 1st appointment I offer a second FREE appointment.

Virtual Gastric Band : £325 For a programme of 4-5 sessions with some additional support material.

Other Hypnotherapy : £60 per appointment, or £150 per block of 3 appointments (block bookings must be paid for at the first appointment. of the block  Appointments usually last between 60 and 75 minutes.

Want a session for half price?

If you wish to pre-arrange a course of 3 treatments the cost is £150, payable at the first appointment. This works out at the standard rate for two appointments and the third for only £30- saving you half the normal cost on the 3rd appointment!

Concessions are designed to make therapy more widely available to those who would struggle financially with having to pay full charges.  Currently it is available for  those on benefits - please ask if you think you may qualify. Proof of benefits  will be required.


Treatment should be paid at the end of the appointment or the first appointment or can be paid in advance.  We are pleased to accept payment by cash, personal cheque, credit or debit card, this include contactless and Apple Pay, however these contactless methods are subject to normal transaction limits.  Health insurance payments must be arranged and agreed in advance.  

Cancellation may result in full appointment charges being made - if you need to cancel please advise as soon as possible.  No charge will be made if you give at least 24 hours notice.  If you wish to make an appointment but have  previously failed to attend an appointment, except in exceptional circumstances (at owners discretion), payment must be made in advance, and the appointment will be charged in full, in such cases no concessions or special offers will be available. 

Terms and Conditions

1. From time to time special offers may be available.  These may be published on this website, my Facebook page or in the local press.  Only 1 discount can be applied to any treatment, offer or appointment at any one time.  Treatment must be started (i.e. the first appointment) before the closing date of any offer, or times to start and finish, or as shown on the offer.  

2. We understand that sometimes an appointment will have to be cancelled or changed.  If you need to cancel an appointment please give at least 24 hrs notice, this will allow us to reschedule an appointment for you if you wish.  Less than 24 hrs notice, except in exceptional circumstances,  may mean that your appointment will be charged for.  Failure to attend will be charged at the full rate per appointment for that treatment.  

3. Offers are not available for ongoing treatment or for further blocks of treatment. 

4. Hypnotherapy is a safe and well-used treatment for a wide variety of conditions, with few if any side-effects.  There are however a few medical and mental health problems where it would not be advised.  If you have any concerns, have or had neurological problems or chronic mental health issues please speak to your medical practitioner (own doctor or hospital consultant) or contact us before using hypnotherapy.

5. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that hypnotherapy is a suitable treatment for them and purchase of any self-help resources e.g. recordings, books etc. is taken as acceptance of these terms and conditions. 


Special Offers

From time to time there are special offers on some of the treatments.  Please check back to see what's available.  Terms and Conditions for Offers are as above or on offer publicity.